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    Our home "Dual-Duel" regatta is a lot of fun!

    We have two home regattas on Orcas. In the fall we have our Headless Head head race. So far that is mostly just local Orcas rowers. A lot of fun with a big fire and some halloween costumes. But in the early spring season we have our Dual Duel regatta with a 1k on …


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    Sometimes we do really well!

    We are a tiny club. But we try hard and every now and then we do well. Sometimes really well. Sam and Barrett made it to nationals one year in a double. We are so proud! We have qualified for Nationals 4 times in 17 years! Two doubles and 2 singles. Still working on …


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    Sometimes you get wet

    The rowing shells are extremely narrow compared to their length. That is how come they can be rowed at high speed without generating a wake and being limited to 'hull speed' without having to 'plane'. The single shells are so narrow they are literally unstable. It is only the action of the oars under …


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    It's beautiful like a painting

    Rowing can be an incredibly beautiful sport in so many ways. It is a natural subject for artistic interpretation. There is drama, the outdoors, the elements and above all the human element.…


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    Orcas Island Rowing knows how to have fun!

    We learn to row and we learn again, rinse and repeat. We work hard. We get up early. We row in the wet, the cold, and occasionally the hot. But we know how to be good friends always and we know how to have fun!…


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    Rowing provides many intense moments

    There are many moments in rowing when nothing exists but what is in that moment. Your entire being is focused on what you must do now! …


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    Determination is often required

    On the day of a regatta like this one @ Brentwood the challenges of cold, wet, tiredness and the weight of things that must be borne require determination to complete with dignity.…


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    The beauty of Saturday @ the Lake

    Saturday rowing practice can be plain wonderful. It is already light so you can see the beauty of Cascade Lake and Moran State Park. There was an extra hour in bed and afterwards no matter how tired you are there is the rest of the weekend to enjoy!…


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