The first Saturday MArch 10th, 12 noon @ the Odd Fellows Hall in Eastsound
For information or to enter : or 376-6935.

It’s official, the gauntlet has been thrown down. Orcas Island Rowing Club (OIRA) is challenging Orcas Island and the rest of the world to show who is the fittest at their indoor rowing competition IMIRF (Island Madness Indoor Rowing Fest). Actually to win this contest you must be fit, physically strong and strong willed. It takes a lot of drive to maintain the kind of output necessary to win. Fortunately it takes little skill to use the rowing machines commonly know as “ergs”. Health clubs and gyms all over the world have rowing machines. They are the most efficient workout exercise. OIRA thinks they have the fittest individuals and the fittest team! Can you show them otherwise? Pick up the gauntlet!

OIRA has held IMIRF annually for the last three years. It’s mostly been an internal event. This year the club is challenging the rest of the world to a contest to see who is the fastest on a rowing machine over 2km (2 kilometers). Every individual, every sports team, club, health club, any group or individual of any kind is challenged to come compete at IMIRF (Island Madness Indoor Rowing Fest). 2km takes between 6 and 10 minutes depending on the individual. To win this competition you have to be strong, fit and be able to drive yourself hard. The event was original conceived by OIRA coach Craig Canine. This year the event is being held at the Odd Fellows Hall in Eastsound at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday February 5th.

Individuals and especially teams are encouraged to participate. Just turn up by noon and sign up at the door. There is no charge for entry although donations of $5 or more per entrant are encouraged to help cover the cost of the event and support the junior rowing club.

There will be trophies in a number of categories including best man and woman overall, best junior boy and girl as well as the team that has the best average time. Teams can be mixed in age and sex, but must have at least five members.

This event is a serious challenge, but it is well worth entering even if you only intend to mainatin a pace where you can keep smiling all the way through. Erging is plain good for you at any pace and OIRA is a fun group to be around. By the way this event is being held the day before Super Bowl Sunday (SBS). So it is a great opportunity to immunize yourself against the food you trough on SBS. Also it’s a great excuse ingredient: “Honey, I’d love to get you a beer from the fridge, but I am too tired after ‘creaming the competition’ at IMIRF”. The corollary to that excuse being: “Honey, I’d love to get my own beer from the fridge, but I am too tired after ‘creaming the competition’ at IMIRF; would you dear!?”.

For information or to enter : or 376-6935.