Every year in the spring the OIR junior crew rows a 24 hour relay on an erg (rowing machine). They take 48 30 minute shifts. Each of the coaches takes a turn and occasionally a few guests or alumni. But it’s mostly about the juniors. The kids camp out for the whole 24 hours setting up camp under the overhang in front of Island Market grocery store. We are most appreciative of the generosity of our most gracious hosts. Island Market is a wonderful venue for many Island fund raisers.

OIR is looking for another team or two to race against next year. We would love to have another team or two join us on Orcas. We’ll make sure you have a great visit. We would also like to set up a virtual race with other clubs anywhere in the world. We’d attach a local computer and then do a real time race against local and remote teams. Just a lot of friendly competition. So come on, let’s do it!