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This page contains information about adult rowing classes.

OIR periodically offer beginning sculling classes. When there is sufficient interest we will offer sweep rowing classes to people who have already taken the sculling class or have sufficient sculling experience.

Beginning sculling class: unscheduled

Sign up now by contacting Martin Taylor at martin@orcasdigerati.com or 360-376-6935.
This is a beginner class consisting of 5 x 2 hour classes taught out of the OIR boathouse on Cascade Lake. There are map directions on our contact page.

The cost of the class is $225 per person.

The nominal time for the class is five mornings Monday through Thursday starting at 7:00 a.m. at the boathouse with one more class on Saturday morning. Although if it suits everybody in the class we may be able to reschedule the start time earlier or later.

Sculling is a beautiful sport and the best exercise. It uses all of the major muscle groups in a strenuous but low impact activity. It is not something anybody can reasonably expect to pick up with instruction. Once you have learned to scull you will have a lifetime skill.