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A beautiful morning at the lake

5:30 gngngggg

In the hotel lobby getting ready to drive over to the course. Sam and Bailey headed over there half hour ago to set up for breakfast.

OIR is off to Regionals tomorrow (Thursday): wish us luck!

The junior team and coaches are off to Vancouver, WA tomorrow (Thursday) for the NW Regional Regatta. It is an intense 3 day event. OIR has as many as 29 races if we make all the finals. Many of these events are qualifiers for US Nationals. So send us your good thoughts and watch the…

A couple more photos by Tina

Racing through the cut right down the middle in lane 3 of 5.

Some photos from Marty Zier live at the course of the Opening Day Regatta

The crew is on the water now as of 10:08 a.m. Here are some photos from yesterday evening and this morning.  

Round up

It was hard to get any of my posts to go through from the Brentwood network for some reason. So some synopsis now that we are all packed up and ready to leave in the morning. We didn’t quite make any finals. Two third places with excellent times. Jake and jay took a very exciting…

Novice quad (with a girl) 5th

Bailey 6th

I feel weird but I trust Gunnar

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