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So I still can’t access the race times from my phone for some reason

But the good news is we are in for the 3:40 ferry. Home in time for tea.

The girls quad should be racing as we speak

I expect them in around 11:30 I am hoping for big smiles!!!

The boys finished I good spirits

I don’t have times yet up soon

Boys 2x starts around10:25

All our boats are on the water

Fun evening in Seattle


We are off to Head Of The Lake this weekend!

Gonna be a blast. If you are there please take some photos. Great shots to be had from any of the bridges over the Montlake Cut or along the sides of the cut. Also at the Conibear boathouse for launching and landing!

Sadly Joie didn’t get to start her race. :-(

Sadly Joie didn’t get to start her race. Tina said, “Joie got lined up and it was the last race of the day and everything got messed up and her boat got way off point and they started without waiting for her. So she had to row back in… It was really sad!” Now it’s…

Now it’s all up to Joie!

Now it’s all up to Joie!

The HS 8+ came last, but that’s not the point, it’s a party! and it worked!

And look at that way cool yellow 8+ HS 8