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Hard and personal

If you accept the challenge of measuring yourself against the rowing machine (the erg) it can be intensely painful on many levels. It opens up a window into a persons inner self. Look at the faces. There are no false expressions in your hardest moments. ...

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Sometimes we do really well!

We are a tiny club. But we try hard and every now and then we do well. Sometimes really well. Sam and Barrett made it to nationals one year in a double. We are so proud! We have qualified for Nationals 4 times in 17 years! Two doubles and 2 singles. Still working on a medal @ Nationals but just getting there is a ...

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Sometimes you get wet

The rowing shells are extremely narrow compared to their length. That is how come they can be rowed at high speed without generating a wake and being limited to ‘hull speed’ without having to ‘plane’. The single shells are so narrow they are literally unstable. It is only the action of the oars under dynamic control of the rower that stops the boat from ...

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The Dual Duel annual Orcas Regatta is happening soon

Saturday March 21st and 22nd is the Dual-Duel Orcas Island regatta. This year we have a large contingent of our old friends from Lake Stevens and our new friends from Duwamish Rowing coming for some friendly competition. Saturday afternoon we have a 100 meter regatta at Cascade  Lake and the Saturday we relax with friends over dinner at Camp Orkila. Then early Sunday morning ...

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